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Hospitale i Mori is a wonderful farmstead situated in the centre of Sorbara and right in front of it there is the as much fashinating building that houses the restaurant “Il Gastaldo”. The two buildings create an elegant setting that plunges the guests in an atmosphere of ancient times. Hospitale i Mori reproposes the simple but refined architectures typical of the traditional farmsteads situated in the river Po’s valley.

The charming courtyard, with its stately porch, the pretty garden and the typical hayloft - where it is possible to park the car – retains all the appeal of the old country houses. The whole structure will remind the guests of familiar places, remote but unforgettable feelings. The main entrance, with its comfortable living room and the pretty fireplace, the elegant dining room, where the guests can have breakfast, and all the common places, would make the guests feel at home.